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This is the Home Page of Brett Ewins
Artist on Judge Dredd and Bad Company for 2000 AD Magazine
Brett is currently working on a second anthology for the publisher of "The Dark Gate" as well on new material for a new forthcoming Johnny Nemo anthology.
The Dark Gate by Brett Ewins art of brett ewins
This all-new anthology, edited and drawn by Brett Ewins, unlocks the door to government horrors, superhero terrorism, giant chickens and other things bizarre. Don't miss this collection of sci-firony and horror by some of comics' unique writers, including Peter Milligan, Alan Grant and many others. "Johnny Nemo is Pete Milligan and Brett Ewins at their psychotic best. Nemo cuts a swathe through a nightmarish noir future, a sort of bequiffed Mike Hammer of tomorrow, sporting a concealed weapon, an attitude and a beautiful robot assistant, Kalina. Unmissable stuff" - Alan McKenzie Before there was the Sopranos, there was Skreemer - the Eagle Award winning series from Pete Milligan, Brett Ewins and Steve Dillon made its debut in 1989 as a limited series from DC Comics. Now it's back as a graphic album. Don't miss it again. Covering a career spanning over thirty years, this new book features over 120 illustrations, 70 of them in colour, and a mammoth interview with Brett on his years working for 2000AD, DC, Eclipse and Marvel, as well as publishing his own monthly magazine, Deadline.
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